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Cool little puzzle, some things I noticed:

There is no way to reset dominoes after they fell over. To slightly adjust them for example. You have to place all dominoes again.

(Maybe that's intended, but I felt like I was missing that)

And in one level when the wall goes down. I'm not sure if it was intended to be reached by deleting the domino that was holding the gate down, but that's how I managed to win after deleting the dominoes when I thought I had failed.

Basically, I finished the level only after deleting the domino instead of just after the dominoes finished falling

Thanks for trying it out! The first thing was intended, because I really wanted to capture the real experience of dominoes. Where one mistake will make you have to replace those dominoes. For the second part, that was the right solution to the puzzle! I tried to introduce people there to the concept of keeping a domino on a button and deleting the rest as well as deleting it later. In later levels this concept comes back like in level 9. :)