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  1. Hay Mirohaver,  names Wallace so i've made a bunch of progress in the game but only because the Explosive Vial doesn't consume during battle, only for breaking crumbled walls.  So I can throw a bunch at the enemies in one turn. Almost all of the special enemies are defeated through this glitch. I guess it's a V5 glitch. 
  2. My friend had his one experience, Chopping off the prison guard arm and then avoiding the instant kill grab causes a loop where the monster will infinitely "take a step closer". Happened 4 times at level 1. He also found a way to boundary break in level 3, all the black areas are walkable. Clipping into areas he shouldn't be. 
  3. I hope this helps out, awesome game either way. 

Hey! You can call me just Miro :-D thanks for letting me know of the bugs and problems. The game is riddled with bugs at the moment. I'll try to put out more polished stuff later on. Again, thanks for the great feedback! 

Thanks Miro, I have one more question. I was watching my friend stream yesterday and noticed that the guard had a yellow symbol over it's had after a few turns of battle. Does it mean the chances of hitting the head are more in the players favor or straight up guaranteed?

Almost guaranteed. Most of the enemies got a weakness like that.