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We're back, we're back! All issues have been resolved and everything is OK. Unfortunately, we weren't able to upload the Linux build of the game because it was bigger than the 750mb upload limit. We did a LOT of compression, but wasn't enough to keep it below  750mb. We did reach out to to ask for more space, so let's hope that works. Hang in there Linux users! Well, at least the Mac build went through :P


I have a Mac, and when I unpack the rar file, the game it self says: 

The application “TTFA_Beta_v04_Mac” can’t be opened.

Can you help?

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Looks like the macOS doesn't like to open applications that aren't from the App Store... We'll see what we can do about this. If all goes well, we'll upload a fixed mac build.


Thanks so much! I really appreciate you getting back to me so soon!