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Thank you so much for making this game. At first, I thought it was another cutesy visual novel with all the bright colors everywhere. But I soon tasted a bit of darker undertones. Not to mention, this felt a little close to home. 

I also was pleasantly surprised with the results of the choices I made for sexuality. At first, it felt weird seeing a male version of Joyce because I expected a female like the store page's thumbnail, but it grew on me in such a way that I liked him a lot. 

I felt like this game tugged my heart in all sorts of directions. The mood gauge almost felt like life or death (and I was afraid to test out how low it could go). Characters were believable, especially customers at the protagonist's job (I lol'd). 

//TODO:today actually improved my mood. I forgot about things and let myself enjoy some escapism. 

Thanks again for creating this game! I'm looking forward to part 2.

Aaah thank you so much! We're happy that you liked the game and that it was relatable!
And it's great to hear that it helped to improve your mood. We wanted this game to feel genuine and honest so we're always happy to hear when someone can connect with it.

It's still going to be a bit until part 2 is finished but we're doing out best to make it as good as it can be, so we hope you'll enjoy that too when it comes out.
Thanks for playing <3