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Bear is a solo rpg about watching over an adventurer from another plane.

The PDF is 4 pages, with a clean, readable layout.

You play through biofeedback---taking your pulse, noticing where you are carrying tension, etc---and the game consists of short, private sessions whenever you decide to make time for it.

This is a neat framework, and it gives Bear a feeling sort of like a mindfulness exercise. Bear doesn't ask for any hard commitments in terms of storytelling, record keeping, stat tracking, or anything like that. It merely requires each session to be important to the character you are watching over.

Overall, I think Bear is a really solid concept, implemented well. It doesn't rely on dice or other props to randomly generate elements---everything comes from the world around you---and it isn't difficult to memorize. It's portable, it's effective at telling stories, and I think it's memorable. If you want a bite-sized game with some weight behind it, I'd recommend picking up Bear.

Minor Issues:

-The last two pages are gigantic, way larger than the first two. This isn't really a problem, but it did feel like a bug.


Glad you enjoyed the game so much! (Re the last two pages - don't know how I didn't clock this when publishing the game, but was first time it has been flagged so just uploaded a copy that doesn't have comically large pages at random!)


All good! I have missed *weird* errors in my own stuff, so I always try to comment when I notice things.