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This was great! It really appealed to my recent interests in games. It had a heavy "slasher" or "slender" feel to it with some extra tweaks and mechanics. I loved the whistle mechanic, that way you can tell where the butler is, though he doesn't do it often enough for you to fully rely on it. The questions he asks and the teleportation ability that they boast really give the player a way out or a strategy. All of these extra things in the game really point to promise of a hard mode or maybe an extended version! The atmosphere was perfect, and I loved the feeling of not knowing whether the butler was gonna rush me out of nowhere or not. The only issue I really could see, besides there not really being an ending sequence, is the flashlight is a little choppy. I loved how it lagged behind the player, but I didn't like how it had that frame-skip look to it. Anywho, this is a game I'd definitely pay for if it had a fully polished version. Thanks so much for making this brilliant piece!

Thank you to play our game! We have fun to create this game!

Well it was great! :D Thanks!!