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Hi CoalFire! Honestly? We watched the video way before receiving your message here. Pretty impressive how quick you got it, so first of all... Thank you for the support!

The team really enjoyed every minute, most of all, because for you it was a first hands on, so for us, your commentaries were totally constructive, and helpful.

Let me try to answer you to some doubts that I saw that you had during the recording, and also give you some insight about the project itself.

You are totally right, our approach is of a Roguelike game, but we are including strong adventure elements (quick quests and events, as you faced during the video) quests with several steps, puzzles, traps, etc...

There will be plenty of items, that will mix their properties between other, will improve your skills, etc... but, as you also saw in the quest of the corpse, there is the sanity issue. In order to control how powerful the character becomes, and as part of the strategy, we have added a sanity system. The more you become aware of the Cthulhu mythos, the crazier you become, so the more powerful the item is, the more sanity you will lose if you use it.

There will be unlockable playable characters, through special quests, there will be plenty of minibosses, and of course, big encounters with the well known monsters of the mythos: Cthulhu, Dagon, etc...

We have a lot of work to do until the release (planned for Q3 of 2018) and this demo will help us to improve, among other things, the balancing of the action. You are totally right, now monsters are too fast and too agressive, and dodging, though possible, it is quite difficult, and it is needed a more aggressive approach, in order to survive.

Answering to the question of "What's the info?" it is one of the currencies in the game. There are two different shops, with specific items on each of them. One trades with money, the other, with info.

Why the 4 axis? Well, for us it was a strong reference "Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" which uses the same 4 axis way of shooting, but we are still considering adding the diagonals, so the character will shoot on 8 axis, but that's pending on confirmation. At this stage, though mouse is not available, it is possible to play with Gamepad, making it much easier, actually.

And... I think that's it. I would love to see a second part of your video, and I will be pleased to help you, in anyway I can.

We have linked your video on our Facebook page, btw...

So, thanks again for your support, and Im open to any question you may have.


Blini Games

Apologies, I didn't see this right away (original poster doesn't get a notification unless you directly reply to the comment) But I'm excited to get back into the demo! I realized there's a lot going on here and I likely wouldn't be able to figure it all out in a format where I need to keep the pace up like a let's play and editing the episode made me realize a lot of things I missed. I'll be back into it soon!