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So, I went into this with no expectations at all, only having seen the title and screenshots. Really love the atmosphere and artwork, truly unsettling. But the gameplay seems just a little off to me. It almost felt like the game was punishing me for exploring and the combat was the primary reason for that. The cardinal direction firing is a little limiting, especially when dealing with enemies that are so fast, I would have preferred a cursor aim or twinstick layout a lot more. And much of the time it appears that I was taking damage with no real way to avoid it, cover and dodging were never enough to avoid the enemies that rush you. Adding in the random generation of the maps and the permadeath it combined into an experience where it was all up to chance whether or not you'd make any progress. Most of this is only from my first 30 min with the game and I'm more than willing to dive back in, but it does feel more as if the systems, rather than my own ability, are holding me back. Detailed thoughts at the end of the video.