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Excellent! Thanks for taking the extra effort to make a video and comment through it, it really helps me understand your though process and better provide the proper tweaks to the game.

Unfortunately the issue around stun lock I can only do patches and not fix it properly; We'd like to add wind up animations to help adept players see the blow coming instead of just.. well happen. In the mean time, we can certainly tweak, stun lock duration, enemy attack internals and what not.. but w/o the proper representation it would just feel sluggish IMO... but w/o our designer it's pretty rough.

The rest of current issues seem simple enough, aside from the part where enemies didn't attack; they are supposed to be "non-aggro" but we didn't, have time to create unique sprites for that, only the AI logic :(

Overall, we learned a lot from  your video and hearing your though process, thanks again for the extra effort!


Happy to help! I think the game has a ton of charm and the simple classic beat-em-up approach is perfect. It just needs some polish and content to be great. Hopefully you'll get the chance to flesh it out into a full-fledged game in the future. 


Hi there!

I love Minimum Wrage- great job! Could I get your details regarding a partnership ?