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You've scored a well deserved 16th place in the whole Ludum Dare 28 with that one. <3 Thanks to the visuals and the simple gameplay it had a great retro vibe in it, especially the  models added a lot to that. :) It was also super fun to figure out how each trap works. :D Congratulations for you to make such a delightful little puzzle platformer! Happily I wrote a recommendation article about it and also uploaded a short gameplay video. :)

Best wishes,

Oh, hello again,

thank you for your kind words and for the time you spent with GRAIL. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. This one means a lot to me. It was the first jam game I ever made. Every time I see someone playing it I remember that I intended to make it into a longer experience. I still think I should...

Also, nice playthrough you did there :)


Oh wow, really? I didn't know that it was your first jam game ever! Congratulations for making such a neat game in such a short amount of time at your first try, that's incredible! <3 It's wonderful to see how much progress you made since that in all the years. <3

Thank you!

It was the best jam experience I've ever had. I remember lurking on notch's  twitch channel while he was working on his entry "Last Minute Christmas Chopping".

I've had few happier moments in my life than these 48h home alone. And sadly, jamming never was this way again. I guess that's how you get used to happiness. I've learned to appreciate being content since then.