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Hi slimecase. I just played through your game and gave it a review, but I'm not too sure whether it actually went through or not. Just to be save I'll just re-paste it here.

Hey! I saw your post on the forums and went to play your game. I finished it in around 15-20 minutes here's some feedback.



The game has a great aesthetic. Most of the scenery blends well and it didn't feel bland or repetitive when I was playing. 


I liked the ambient sounds while inside the levels, it added a nice mood. The sound effects are well done too.



This is probably what bothered me the most. What should have been 10 or so minutes of play turned into ~ 15 as  I was trying to jump between platforms. Some of the hit boxes I find are way too large and make jumping irritating. Also I felt like there needed to be more horizontal force on a jump.

Puzzle Elements (missing):

It would have been nice to see some basic puzzles in the levels. Or possibly collectables hidden in areas meaning one has to explore the levels to find them. This seems like the kind of game that should have fewer levels but every level is filled with content. And for that to work there needs to be an incentive to explore every bit of the level.

Otherwise it's a quite a pleasant game to play with some annoyances. For a game made during a Jam it's still very solid and you actually have a great base for a possibly great game :) 

Thanks a ton!! I'm definitely gonna be fixing that hitbox issue, I've had a lot of comments about that. As for puzzle elements those are going to be added as I flesh out more levels :D thanks for the rating!