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It looks like it says "PRESS 0 TO START" but it's a C. I know my eyesight isn't great but I can't see how it looks like a C :(

Actually, it's even weirder. the instructions say:

  • Move with arrow keys, breathe fire by holding Z, and befriend a royal immediately in front of you with X.

But for me either Z or C do befriending and X does the fire.
(Chrome on Win 10)

Oh, Z, C and N all do befriending and game starting
X, V  and N does flaming.

Oh heck I ALWAYS get this backwards. I'll fix it.

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The "O" is because the buttons on the virtual Pico-8 console are O/X, which are mapped to Z/X, C/V, and N/M when playing on a computer. It is a bit confusing outside of Pico-8 (like here in an embedded web player).

Indeed. This is why I always mix it up; I'm not choosing or thinking about them especially. :P I'm pretty much determined that next time I'll just put the letters in the game, though, or perhaps both. It annoys Pico-8 folks but that seems worth it in order to make it so other people can figure out how to play!