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Lovely game :) I enjoyed it. I think I played it in just the right setting: dimmed lights in my room, chilled evening, hot cup of tea and just fond memories of someone's life mixed in with some riddles supporting them. It's so simple yet powerful. I couldn't get 6 of the, but I'm also not an native speaker, so I guess that was bound to happen. I did find one or two that were almost like life advice, and less like a riddle so I wasn't too sure what you were refering to. Thanks for making this game and good job!


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, unfortunately, I wanted to test the riddles with people beforehand, but I just ran out of time to really work on them. I wrote them late at night in the middle of the jam. I would definitely try to focus on the quality of riddles if I came back to this.

You know what? Things don't have to be perfect. I don't actually think you have to get back it, if I'm totally honest. It is what it is and it's beautiful in it own perfect little way. I would just keep the magic, even if not all riddles are easy/ totally solvable. By the way, what was the water related riddle? I need to know so bad! I was thinking of things like canals or pools, puddles, nothing worked! Aaarrrggghh.. :P

There were a few based on water. Just to keep the answers off of this page in case people don't want to see them, here's a link to all the riddles on GitHub:

You can view all the java files in those directories to see all the acceptable answers. Also, they were not case sensitive, as the solution text field automatically converts to lower case.

Of course, thanks.