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That was one of the most arcade-like games of the whole Ludum Dare 35 for me! I had so much fun to drag around the little cores, so that they'd shoot more efficiently against the enemies, but on the same time it was hectical and gave me a "AHHH WILL I SURVIVE THIS ROUND?!?" feeling - absolutely great game design! <3 Also, the whole audiovisual representation was just top-notch. So I simply had to recommend your game in an article and to upload a gameplay video of it, but that's not all there is - I also included it in our GOTY 2016 list. :) It's really a wonderful little game with a high replayability value and I hope many other people will still give it a try as well. <3

Best wishes,

This is the longest comment i've seen since I got an account.

trust me bud, if you do some more poking around, you will find comments 3 times longer.