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LOL did u get inspiration from Nicky Case!

i care about klopitys biggest fan.

i got klopitys back as well

BRUH. u da best person alive (aside from the klopity king)

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I promoted this game on in the comments. See Friendly Fire CommentsLeaf Me Alone CommentsField of Fate comments, and Golem Quest comments

Among us single player

This game is great. If u want another great game check out this one -> Yes this one


This game is great. If u want another great game check out this one -> yes this link here

evidently their brother was mean

uh oh

yo, klopitys biggest fan, who was being so mean. I WANT TO HURT THEM.

an amazing work of art

I already included a link to this game in multiple other games. LONG LIVE THE KLOPITY KING

I would do anything 4 it

Wow, this is great. Looks a lot like real among us, and it's fun to be the imp all the time. Under Minecraft and among us, this is the best game ive ever played.

lol im not a simp

go die in a hole kloppitys biggest fan

Yes, I personally think that ending [E] is a little strange. 

trust me bud, if you do some more poking around, you will find comments 3 times longer.

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Here's the order I got the endings :[B], [C], [A], [E], and [D]. Ending [D] is by far the best one.

ah okay

I saw your username and there is just one thing that I wanted to say: Smebulock!

I need an even bigger hint for ending [D] because I have tried everything doggo that I can think of.

I've seen that all of your games have pixel art so, I'm guessing you like that art style. If I am correct, I highly recommend making an account on, a site that lets you draw pixel art, animate it into GIFs, and share your work with other people. I'm sure that people would love to see this stuff.

Thanks, I just got ending  [E] and, I was wondering if that is a reference to your other game: Hyperloop.

You must smile quite a bit because I have yet to find a comment that says they didn't like the game.

Me too. I love the specific detail that has him say: " Mother taught me how to talk! Bark!  I mean, chirp!".   Simply amazing.

Just so you know, the ones I've found were: the peeing dog, crossing the river in the early game, and finally raining on the fire.

I would love to have a hint, thank you.

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There's five? I only found 3.

I've played this game multiple times, and nothing really tops it. Leaf Me Alone (also a puzzle platformer) by Acid Nerve is really good and, you should check it out. This is still better.

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This Is Fine. No, it's not. This might easily be the most amazing pixel art experience  ever, after Rose11's  Soul Builder, and saantonandre's Overlords New Mansion (both of which you go check out). In other words this game is not fine. This game is the cutest, funniest, most pointless, and also possibly the weirdest game I've ever played. Amen for this.


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nvm i just had to pay more attention. Lol

I have a HUGE problem. I cant get to the clouds to water the pinecone! Someone, help!