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The whole scenario was sooo reliable, and I'm happy to see that you were able to create a fun, time-based puzzle game about that! :D Neverever was tidying up more fun to me. ;> The pixel art is gorgeous and in some way I always thought that all the hidden stuff was my own fault, because I'm a quite messy person in real life as well, haha! It made me super happy to see that your game got the 13th place in the Ludum Dare 37. :) Happily I wrote a short article about your entry and also uploaded a gameplay video of it. <3 I hope that you might participate in the next Ludum Dare as well, because I can't wait to see new stuff of you. :)

Best wishes,

Thanks a lot for this excited feedback! :D
I'm really looking forward to the next Ludum Dare, I hope I make something cool - I will definitely participate. :)

Yaaaas, I'm super glad to hear that and will definitely watch out for your entry! :D