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I loved the aesthetics of this Escher-esque game. <3 To figure out how all the rooms are connected was a puzzle challenge in itself, though the player just has to find the spots. :) Your whole work with the shader really payed out amazingly in my opinion, because it was an audiovisual delight! So let me congratulate you to the 34th place in the Ludum Dare 37, it was well deserved. It's been my pleasure to include your entry in one of our compilation articles about the jam as well as in the related showcase video, and of course I appreciated the sequel very much as well - this game was the reason why we started our "After Jam Party" format after all! <3 In there we take a look on the bigger post-jam-versions of some jam entries and how they changed. And yours was simply a great starting point! Thanks for all your hard work, dear Antoine; it's always lovely for me to play one of your games. Looking forward to future projects of you!

Best wishes,


Thank you a lot Sebastian for your kind words. Your work with game jam curator means a lot for small dev like me, and seeing my game worthy of an article always drive me forward and give me motivation. Game jams are also a huge part of how games evolve nowadays, I think, but it's often buried and invisible. So your work shine a light on all that world. I hope to bring you more interesting jam games in the future, but the result is never guaranteed, that is also one of the specificity of game jams ...

<3 You are very welcome, Antoine. And don't be too worried about your results in a game jam, because you're a very kind person as well and I'm just glad to see how you contribute to the jam culture! :)