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I loved how you managed to make a game, which is fun when being played alone (with at least two keys, being said) or by many people at once! I created some pretty crappy images, but it was a blast to produce each one of them. :D But maybe the greatest thing about the game design of "#ART" is the fact, that you decided to not evaluate the creations afterwards. There's no algorithm that says to me "Oh, great, you matched 74 % of the bunny structure that we had in mind, so you get 74 out of 100 points, congratulations." - it's really just some fun for itself. No external opinion afterwards is needed, and you've done well by not implementing something like that, because it fits with the intrinsic nature of art. <3 Well done! Of course I wrote an article about your newest entry as well as uploaded a video, where I show off some of my, ummm, 'masterpieces'... :D Thank you for this game! I really hope that some kind of museum or some institution might pick it up one day to involve it in some interactive exhibition or something like that!

Best wishes,

Aawww, thanks a lot, that's exactly what I was going for :-)

I'll do my best to get this one in some showcase

Fingers crossed, it'd be a perfect fit! :)