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Hello! I purchased this asset a few months ago, and found that the BackGround.PNG (640x2545) size is wrong when using it, and some tiles are not in the 32x32 grid. Can you fix it, thank you.

I will look into it,are you using unity or another engine?

I use my own engine. Thank you.

I have emailed you them, They work OK in Unity which is what they're designed for, but PNG's should be able to load into other engines without a problem. I also sent you  Sci Fi Pack 2 for FREE. I hope they work for .

Hello, I have received your file. The content is correct. Thank you for your gift (Sci Fi Pack 2). I have purchased this series before. They are really great assets. thank you.

Ok,that's good news!.. is there any of my assets that you would like since you've already got that particular one?

Can you give me your email address please.

I have sent it to your mailbox. fl******