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Congratulations to the 1st place in the Linux Game Jam 2017, it's well deserved! Your little game had such a wonderful retro flair in it, because it really reminded me of some old strategy games I played on the Sega Mega Drive, if I'm not mistaken right now (sadly I don't know the title anymore). The whole game design is minimalistic and simple, but it doesn't make the game itself too easy at all! This balancing, the bit of a challenge and your oldschool pixel graphics led me not just to write a recommendation article about your game and to upload a little gameplay video of it, but also to include it in our GOTY 2017 list. :) Thanks for this experience, I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to your future projects!

Best wishes,

Hey thanks @gamejamcurator !

I should probably update the binaries.. Currently it only runs on raspberry pi and PC.

You're welcome. :) And heh, might be a good thing. ;>