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Hey i dont know how to get both of the ending can u give me the ending guide?the romance ending for charlotte and for sofia i would appreciate it  guide me on what dialogue i need to chooses to get that certain ending i would really appreciate it because everytime i try i alway get a runaway ending wiith my brother..NVM I FOUND THE GUIDE YOU POST THANKYOU AND GREAT GAME AND GREAT WRITING BUT NEXT TIME COULD YOU MAKE IT EASIER TO GET CERTAIN ENDING?i try to hangout with charlotte as much as i could in option but i still didnt get the ending i wonder what i did wrong but though great game please make more

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Hello, Tigeratiwich, and thank you for the feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it, overall. 

I'm sorry you had trouble getting certain endings - I will look at this as an issue in future games.

Many thanks for playing.