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Congratulations to this fantastic puzzle platformer! It was really funny to see in how many different ways you were able to build your game around one core mechanic. The pixel art was also very neat, but I'd recommend you to reduce the noise of the talking beeps a bit . About the gameplay, I especially liked the bouncy 'magma tiles'. :) One suggestion, though: I think that most players might quit in the last level, because it's quite punishing without any reason. On the one side, even when I successfully teleported myself into the right place, I might die anyway because the lava still hits my former skeleton. On the other side, the lava rises up pretty fast, which makes me to play the level over and over again, because I didn't had a chance to look at the later parts of the level. I'd suggest that you'd make it a bit slower, but maybe that's just my point of view. Anyway, it was a great entry and that's why I wrote a praising article about it as well as uploaded a gameplay video. <3 Thank you very much for your work, it's really good! Good luck with the jam. :)

Best wishes,

Hey Sebastian,

Thanks so much for your positive feedback, this is the sort of support that every aspiring game dev hopes for. It was our first jam and we learned a lot about creating and developing puzzle mechanics and building worlds and levels. I'm glad you enjoyed our game, and I really appreciate how you shed light on and discuss obscure indie games in your blog - it's a good feeling to see small projects get focus.

Dear Jakob,

you're very welcome! You two made a great jam game debut with your entry, and I'm sure that your future projects will be just as interesting as this one. :) Can't wait to see more of your stuff. Thank you for the kind reply. <3

All the best,