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Well I must say it was the novel was AMAZING! My favorite part is the 4th wall breaking commentary of the developer since it is so cute and removes the akwardness that some visual novels have :D. The characters are lovely and art is beautiful. And not only the game is amazing but also the developer is too  *notices the animal rescue organisation post*. Perhaps you are should be a full time game developer (or maybe you already are I dont know)? Couse I think you may achieve great heights if you set your mind to it, you would just need some more publicity. And I would really wish to help such awesome developers like you *hug*

Aaaaah sorry for the late reply and thank you so much!! I'm supre glad you liked the game and I'll make sure to make more in the future! Your words are very encouraging > v <b

eyy uhm....if you know how many endings are there? don't tell me how to get them i just want to know how many i can get >:3