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I'll do my best! :D

Aaaaah sorry for the late reply and thank you so much!! I'm supre glad you liked the game and I'll make sure to make more in the future! Your words are very encouraging > v <b

Aaaah thank you so much for constructive criticism! It was my first game so next time I'll have in mind what you said ^ ^ truth is, the game ended up MUCH longer than planned and it caused some rush from my side so there's that ;; I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks again for leaving a message!

Aaah sorry for the late reply! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for leaving a comment! :>

Thank you so much for playing the game and leaving critique! I'm glad you like the game and will try and improve next time I work on a similar projects! <3

Hi! Thank you so much for playing my game! It has a few flaws here and there but I'm glad you like it > v < will look forward for more videos~

Thanks for enjoying it! :D

sorry for the late reply! this definitely sounds like a bug (there are a few in my game unfortunately) it seems like the bugs exist only for some people and i'm not sure how to fix the since i'm not a professional and have no friends to ask about this issue ; v ; very sorry for the inconvenience!

sorry for the late reply! yes, i know that there's a bug, and i tried to fix it but it seems like the problem still occurs only on some pcs.. very sorry about that! i'm not a professional and unfortunately i don't know anyone who could help me fix it ; - ;

there's a gear button on the bottom right where you can save ^ 7 ^

Hi! I think you're talking about the song called Dixie Outlandish ^ ^

Hi! I couldn't find the solution to your problem, would you mind contacting me on twitter for further assistance?

Okie, let me check it out and see what might be wrong. Sorry for the trouble, I'll try to find the solution asap!

Hi there! Does nothing happen afterwards and there's just black screen? The gear is the menu button, although you can only access it during the game. Also, is it in the left and not right corner?

Hi! Thanks for leaving me a comment. I did think about making mc neutral gendered, but since it was my first time making a game, I didn't really know how to manage that.. As for the bug, it should be fixed in the latest version (v1.3), thanks for mentioning it though!

Hi! Thank you so much for a review, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! 

p.s. don't worry about the name, no one can get it right for the first time :'D

Thank you!! (*/▽\*)

Thank you so much for playing! The problem in Yuu's route still remains and I'm trying my best to make it work. I'm really glad you liked it thought! >////<

waah, thank you so much for playing the game! don't worry about the pronunciation, no one can get it until they hear it :'D

thank you for playing!

Hi! Thanks for playing DoD! I'm currently trying to see what's wrong. It seems like the bug exists only for some of the players. I'm very sorry, hope you can wait until I find a solution ^ ^