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That game was really something special to me. It had a strange connection to the games of the fictional game developer Coda in "The Beginner's Guide" by Davey Wreden for me; I guess it's because it also features a character who is obsessed with the focus on one type of games, in that case "Snake". It was absolutely wonderful to become a part of this odd world - or even the mind? - of a programmer. Not just that you let us play their game, but also being able to code and manipulate it. It's a stunning amount of work that you must have put into it, and I can just tip my hat for that! That's why it was one of my favorite entries of the whole Ludum Dare 38 (and oh, by the way, congratulations for the 41st place, even though it would have deserved a better rating in my opinion :) ), and because of that I didn't just wrote a recommending article about it and uploaded a playthrough video, but also included it in our GOTY 2017 list. Great job, seriously. Looking forward to your future projects. <3

Best wishes,

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