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It has it all: It's a bit frightening, it's a bit funny, but it's such a polished 2D adventure experience! The dialogues are well written, the puzzle design is satisfying and the voice acting is, as usually, top-notch. I felt in love with "Peridium",  so I was very happy to see that you not just got the 1st place in the whole Adventure Jam 2017, but also the Developer's Choice Award as well as two Judges' Picks. And I have to agree with them, that's why I not just wrote a praising article about it and uploaded a playthrough video, but I also included it in our GOTY 2017 list. Well deserved, because you guys showed off all your skills once again. Thank you for this game. <3

Best wishes,

Thanks Sebastian!  I'm hoping to do something for the upcoming Adventure Jam too!

I'm super glad to hear that! Can't wait to see what all the marvelous devs may come up with in that one... <3 And I'm definitely looking forward to your new entry! :)