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We intentionally semi-blind the review process.  This can be frustrating if they clearly missed some component.  OTOH, this is pretty good feedback to know what impressions are without the chance to clarify.  Most who play will not get the chance to debate the point :>

As for the second reviewer, if I were you I'd not readily conclude that they missed the procedural nature of your level generation.   Procedural level generation is neither necessary nor sufficient to make something a Roguelike.  It is hard for a platform, especially an abstract one, to get beyond "Roguelite".  And for many players out there, even achieving that level is questionable.

Using a real-time speed run approach is very non-roguelike - this undermines the tactical nature of roguelikes making it more twitch play.  I know with Jacob's Matrix I found that merely adding a wall-clock timelimit to a turn-based game completely changes *how* you play it.   The mechanics of Jacob's Matrix are extremely roguelike; but in practice it doesn't feel much like one.