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This game is truly stunning! 

The syntax within the language really makes this game come alive, truly helps players immerse themselves! I bought it on a whim, without even playing the demo, simply based on the concept and design, and I was not disappointed! I have yet to finish the entirety of the game, but just wanted to say that, as someone who has literally played almost every VN thats out there (seriously i have around 200 visual novels/otomes on my computer), this is a fantastic VN, and i wouldn't hesitate to play another from you!

 -sidenote: I definitely am one of those people who uses walkthroughs consistently, and was wondering when you think one will be posted?


Hello, camityle, and many thanks for your kind words.  It's lovely to hear you are enjoying the game; writing in such a florid style was a lot of fun, though my grammar checker was having a hell of a time with it. ^_^

A guide has already been posted  and you can find it here:

I hope you enjoy the rest of the routes