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Your game had really a lovely art style (especially the colors of the characters!)  and I appreciate it how non-violent the little battles seemed to be in it. :) I can totally see why Marta liked it so much to write a short article about it. Hopefully some players came to you via our gameplay video as well. <3 Looking forward to your projects in the future!

Best wishes,

Thank you! We are delighted to know that you really liked it, especially the art style! The colors were especially picked to be contrasting but still appealing and defining of the character's personalities.  We also tried to make the battles an ironic occurrence of it's own, trying to mix an overall cheerful theme and music actions with the usual actions you'd see in a typical brawler.

Marta's article was a really motivating read back in December, and we're glad to see more people dedicated to covering game jam games! We hope to surprise you again on future endeavours! 


<3 I'm sure you will, you game loving marine creature devs! Looking forward for a new encounter. :)