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It's funny, because I remember to hang around on some similar drawing platforms, though of course they were German and more focused on showing off instead of taking commissions and stuff. But I still feel the same vibe in your game, and that's absolutely well done! Also, you can be very proud of the different writing styles you were able to implement - each character felt like a single one instead of a group of generic characters or something. Great stuff, I hope you'll find some more time to produce a new episode of that. :) As you already know, we included your game in our compilation article about the Finally Finish Something 2018 jam and also potential players can see a minute of gameplay in the related showcase video. <3 You can be very proud of yourself, Anna!

Best wishes,

Thank you so much for playing & for your thoughts!! I'm really relieved to hear that the characters felt distinct. :) Really appreciate it, thank you again!

Aw, you're very welcome, I'm glad that my little comment means something to you. :) Keep it up, you can do it! <3