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Not yet, the bone mapper does not contain bones for eyelids. Might add that in the future. And bare in mind that some models just don't have eyelids control at all... 

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I understand that the model doesn't blink.

Is it possible to shake the chest of the xps model?

Most of the MMD models shake their chests, but the xps models do not.

Most of the xps models move, but only the eyeballs.

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Yes the XPS models can shake boobs, but you'll need to setup its boobs physics first, since each model might have different bone setup, we can't apply that automatically. In the actor settings, go to the physics tab, open Boobs Physics and then click on Select Bones, then tick the bones that represent left and right breasts. Usually that should be enough but if it's not working correctly you can try to adjust the spring force & position offset etc in the settings. 

If the model is MMD, there is physics in the actor settings, but if the model is xps, there is no physics. There is a bone mapper instead of physics. Where should I set the physics if the model is xps?

By the way, the version I'm using is still free.

Is it possible with the pro version?