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Even though it didn't really correspond with the theme of the Strawberry Jam 2, I think this game's concept speaks for itself. It's just an amazing idea to shrink constantly and by that having a harder time to interact with the own surrounding - I mean, yeah, it's kind of obvious, but I don't think that I ever saw it implemented in such a good way! Well done, seriously. I had a blast playing this, that's why I recommended it and also created a little gameplay video. :) I hope to see more of your stuff in the future!

Best wishes,

Hey, glad you liked it! Thanks a lot for playing as well as your kind words and recommendation! :D

And I understand it's difficult to see from an outside perspective, but please take our word for it: The game corresponds with the jam's theme and rules perfectly fine! You can check the short discussion at the bottom of the jam entry page for details, if you like! :)

Oh, alright, that's one way to explain it - yup, stealth horny it is then. :D Congratulations!