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I'm very glad that you submitted this to the oh no (bitsy jam), because it added something completely different to it. The whole mysterious atmosphere of your game and all the tiny little secrets were a delight for me. My personal favorite scene was the up-crawling in the mountain of corpses, because it's such a cruel image, but at the same time the Bitsy aesthetic makes it weirdly pleasant - it's like it captured the message of death in  the sense of "We are all the same. We all die. And then we are all equals." perfectly. Sorry, if that sounds too bizarre right now, but I don't find any better words for it. :) That are the reasons why I included your game in one of our compilation articles about this jam, and I'm very thankful for your entry! I hope that our showcase video might drive more players to it. Can't wait to see new games made by you!

Best wishes,

thanks so much for your thoughtful comment and video! mmhm, i like how bitsy universalizes the grim world into hapless bonky cuteness...

You're very welcome, I'm always happy to witness such creations! And yes, indeed, Bitsy has a quite powerful aesthetic. Haven't been a real fan when the first Bitsy games popped out, but I'm more and more fascinated with what people can do with it. <3