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I played "Hibernia" before the "How to play" section was included on the game page, and I wasn't able to figure out what to do without it. It was just not intuitive enough for my taste. But I'm seriously very glad that I came back later just to find the little 'tutorial' text! Because, once I got the hang out of it, it became much fun to battle against the four other kingdoms for the fame; that's why I wrote a little article about it. And I mean, it's really stunning that you gave the whole thing such a sweet retro charm with the pixel art and maybe even the genre choice itself. :) Wonderful work, Jack, I mean it. Keep it up! And the sweet Irish-folk tunes of James made the whole game a round thing, in my opinion. A well deserved first place in the JamCraft 2018.

And maybe other people will easier get what to do with our gameplay video - texts aren't a thing for everyone. ;>

Best wishes,

Thank you for checking out and reviewing my game, I appreciate it. And yeah, there is a wee bump of a learning curve, luckily with HTML5 having the controls and guide on the page is convenient. I do however plan to include an "advisor" style tutorial in the future.

Very neat! I think it has some great potential become a fun medieval time-killer for the lunch break. :D