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You four already know how much I appreciated your game design - I mean, you already read the article I wrote about it, I know that -, but I'll say it once more on here: I think you nailed the theme of The HEART JAM, because you focused on a short time span for each mini-game, but at the same time it was amazing to see such a variety of game concepts. That's why it also fits the Meta Game Jam perfectly, because it's a nice duck-parody of "WarioWare", but also it's so funny that it's fitting to the APRIL FOOL'S JAM. I'm stunned by your creativity and wish you all the best luck for upcoming jams!

For the readers of this comment, I added the playthrough video I created. Maybe it'll drive some more attention to your entry. I can just hope so, you deserve it. :)

Best wishes,

THANK YOU! So much Sebastian for being one of the very first people to check out our game and give us a shot and writing an article about us before we got popular. It gave us the motivation and feedback needed to push into making more and more updates!

That's awesome, I'm very happy to hear that! I'm looking forwards to see the post-jam updates and I cross my fingers that your creativity won't fade away so fast. ;> You can do it! Best wishes to the four of you!