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I adore that drag&drop packing-feature & text updating depending if donated or packed in suitcase (prev. maybe every keyboard-buttons seems to type the existing text, still cool interaction which won't start just on leftclicks only).

Just donated like each accessoires, maybe that NPC should just take their books and undies to hamburg there? Actually sounds like an usual trip yet. And legit phone-users ...sends every line than a whole paragraph, lol.

'two monster suitcases' when heading to the station? If I'd technically donate all selectable stuff, I guess that line being just a casual one, but would be cool to refer to affecting parts, if there was none or all chosen recently (or just taken their undies, won't refer to the same amount than packing clothes/etc.)?

Cool (dragging)-suitcase & station-interaction too, bit lags in dragging somehow yet?