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Love the game, the place feels very alive and I love all the different ways you can interact with the house. I'm a little bit stuck right now, though. I know I have to get to a certain corridor, and I think it has something to do with the sound I'm hearing at the metronome, but I'm not sure how those two are linked, or what the sound signifies. Any hints?


Thanks for your feedback. This demo is a vertical slice, a short version of what the game could become if it was developed entirely, and these two mysteries are just teasers that are sadly not resolved in the game. :)

Got it, thanks. Overall, love what's presented so far! I think the only thing I struggled with is that it wasn't clear that you could squint with the triggers. Looking forward to see the rest of it!


For the moment we did not plan to continue working on it, it was a graduation project and most of us now works full time in game studios on other commercial projects. Maybe one day 🤷‍♂️

Ah, that's unfortunate but I really enjoyed what was there. Great show from everyone involved!