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This is likely the best game I've played on I hope you continue to polish it and hopefully release on Steam so people like me can throw more money at you. 

Couple things, whenever I place a shielded wall... the game crashes. You can cheat/exploit by placing conveyor belt or conduit on lava to cross it with your mech. Why no large shielded wall... other than my inability to place them without the game exploding... seems logical for that last slot on the menu. Lags a bit when there is a lot on the screen. 

Also... posting a comment down here kills the active game. Autosaves would rock!

they exist. (auto saves as in it saves to the current save every 90 seconds by default)


My mistake. 

Thanks for the responses.

it's fine, i respond to a bunch of people :)

the conveyor thing is not a cheat/exploit it's even in the current 4.0 build