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During my Easter family visit I couldn't work on the game directly, but I let my sister play it and took some notes of some minor bugs (I already fixed them). Overall it ran pretty well on her old Windows 8 laptop, which is nice to know. 

My siblings thought it would be a good a idea to hide some easter eggs near my mother's little garden pond, and guess what? One of them fell in...
It lost some color but wasn't damaged otherwise, so I volunteered to eat it.


Oh excuse me, I guess you came here to see some new Abstráctomon screenshots. Here you go!

NPC cars work now. I can let them drive along the road or in circles like this one on my test road here. 

It'll brake and honk at you or other NPCs when they walk on front of it.
The animation for turning is pretty smooth, took a lot of frames! I modeled the car in Blender and added details to the sprites by hand. 

It also got working head - and taillights. Your bicycle now got a front light, too. And the construction workers inside the tunnel turned on their helmet lights!