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Hi! We're going to reply to your points one by one:

< Thanks for the great suggestion! We'll try harder for the GUI!!  haha

< blobblob bob

< Oh we didn't realise that! We'll definitely take them into consideration!

< (from the writer/programmer: \^0^/ )

< Thanks for pointing that out!! We really appreciate it <3

< hehe!

We decided to join NaNoReNo to make use of our school break so we hope you won't mind waiting until we find time to work on it again till completion (even if that takes super long ;;)! As for social media, we only have our Tumblr for now  but you can find the artist at  . Thank you for playing and filling in the google survey! Have a nice day ( ^∇^)ノ☆ 

I'll gladly wait however long for the rest of the story haha ^ ^

CometFall team, you just got a new follower <3