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It's brilliant! Now I'm hyped for the full version haha ^ ^

Haha this game si so fun! Really enjoyable :D

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Short and fun! It was a nice game, I liked it ^^

No problem! Idk maybe it was a one time thing

Nice!! This challenge was really welcomed :D

I'm on a Windows10 . As for resolution, I believe it was ultra? It was the default for sure

It was awesome! The story, visuals and puzzles and come together wonderfully to make this simple yet fun game. I would definitely recommend it!

Even if it was short, I enjoyed it a lot. Oh, and I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but part of the end cedits do not show properly, and that makes them very hard to decipher. Other than that, congrats! And thank you for the lovely experience <3

I'll gladly wait however long for the rest of the story haha ^ ^

CometFall team, you just got a new follower <3

The game is amazing! I liked the story very much and time flew away so quickly, I coulnd't believe it ended so soon. All of that being said, I do have some feedback for you wonderful people ^ ^

 > First of all, the drawings are beautiful! However, the chapter selection screen didn't seem to fit in with the game's drawing style as well as it could have. The drawings are great, but they're layed out a bit too crisp compared to the happy and bubbly vibe of the game. You could try laying them out in some hand-drawn, portrait oriented boxes, flipping through them from left to right, rather than top - bottom;

 > THE BLOBBS ARE ADORABLE! If I were a Mercurian, I'd adopt one for sure;

 > Since there is no dialogue box displayed while making a decision, placing the choices at the top of the screen is a bit distracting... adding them in the place of the dialogue box would make for a more coherent look, I'd say. Also the blue that appears when you hover over a button is a bit too intense if you ask me, and a soft pink would fit better, but then again, that might just be a personal preference of mine;

> The story didn't seem lacking, and it was really enjoyable, even without a billion choices to make, great job on that! ^ ^

 > I did find some weird sentences in the dialogue from "The Funk" : 

          - "Do you even have someone important" sounds a bit odd and unnatural, maybe try something like " Do you have anyone dear to you " / "Is there anyone you care much about"

          - "I'm most close with" is a bit off, gramaticlly speaking; try "I'm closest to" instead

 > The game was super fun, the special tab was just the right addition, props for that!

All in all, it was a great experience and I can't wait for the game to go out of the WIP Stage and into the wild! One more thing, is there any place with the developer's social media and such? I'd love to follow you guys <3