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Played this game on steam and I love it.

Detailed review below; 5/5 Stars

Overview: This game is great. It's financially accessible, disabled accessible, PG-13, Boy Love Visual Novel with a handy glossary.

Trigger warnings:

  • Vague mention of child abuse and domestic violence, not detailed,
  • Alcohol use and drunk depictions (of course),

There are two love interests but the ending is the same, which makes it a short and sweet game, which I enjoyed while suffering from acute illness.
I mean, I had fever before playing, but I'm pretty sure some of the cuteness of the detective and smoothness of the mobster was also contributing to that. fans self Goodness.

I'm a Baccano lover, and it's made me interested in prohibition era stuff. One of the great things about this game is it has special slang and time relevant words highlighted for you to access in the glossary, to gain a better understanding. 

As an autistic person this is fantastic, as I often find figures of speech make 0 sense to me, even if I know roughly in what situations they tend to be used in. Learning some 1920's slang helped me make connections to their modern equivalent slang, and that was pretty awesome. And it'll come in handy when reading the Baccano books I got~

The love interests are incredibly charismatic, I really liked both of them and was satisfied with their routes and the ending! I wish there was more though!

This game is fantastic and I'm especially appreciative of the fact it's free.


  • Gay representation
  • Not heavily sexual
  • Wholesome mobster
  • Glossary of relevant words and context points
  • 2 routes but joint ending is novel and satisfying


  • It seems to have a script error code sometimes coming up when I click on some glossary words, which can force the game to quit without saving. However all glossary words can be found from the menu, and all seem to work eventually,
  • No diversity, all characters are white and thin.


  • Sound is great. Nice smooth jazz mostly which isn't overpowering,
  • There is no voice acting, so no need for close captions for sounds/words,
  • Visuals are crisp and clear with a soft palette. Anime style character design = handsome men,
  • No flashing lights or shaking images,
  • Free/financially accessible.


  • Provide trigger warnings,
  • Increase diversity in future games, whether by adding brown people, bigger people, trans people or disabled people. Preferably not just one either.
  • Moar please.