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I want to like the game but without ever getting a run that might work I just cannot. I have not had more than 4 battles in a run and all my health places were gone. 

I struggle to predict what the enemies are going to do because too many are introduced too fast. I basically have to have my run die to figure out what kills me how. For all 28 different enemies. Nevermind the fact that some combos are basically impossible. Crystal and a skelly? no chance to do damage. 3 krabs? stunlock. 

What I would like to see:
A slower introduction. Levels with 1-2 stars, Tutorial on how enemies move and what cards are in their deck.
Predictability: Let me see what cards enemies have in their deck. That why I can make a strategy around what they are able to do. I think this is a good compromise over seeing an enemies hand. It will be important to be able to see the number to be drawn and number in discard. 
Visibility: let me see what all is in my characters deck, and when it is being reshuffled. so I can plan around what cards I should have soon.