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I loved this game!! SO MUCH that I ended up writing fan fiction for it because of reasons > w > 

All in all, I loved this MC! I loved every single dialogue choice so I played through every combination. The MC's character really grew on me, especially because her interactions were so funny and... dare I say relatable? I liked the puzzles even though I normally suck at them, but it was pretty fun!

It's crazy because I totally went into this thinking Anzo was going to be my favorite character (and he kind of... is) BUT Marcel's romance with the MC was my favorite and my heart definitely palpitated during his CG...

I don't think I've ever played a game as light-hearted, creative and funny! I would've never thought of something like this, but it's pretty hilarious!

Looking forward to the 100% completed version! /o/

The fact that you actually wrote fanfiction blows my mind if I think about it too hard, thank you nngghh

Also thank you so much for playing it and looking forward to the full game! (Hehe at Marcel being a surprise favorite, but Marcel's CG is also my personal favorite, very sorry Anzo...)