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I found a few bugs, some more game-breaking than others:


-Workers will generally all try to walk to the most recently created resource spot, regardless of distance.  Most evident with farm fields.

-If a resource spot gets exhausted (field harvested, forest cleared) while a worker is walking from its building to that resource spot, then when it arrives it will get "stuck" in its harvesting animation forever.  (For farmers, you can sometimes avoid this by quickly rebuilding a field.)

-If you destroy a building  (to free up a stuck worker), you can never build anything on that tile again.  The map will over time become unusable.

These three bugs together mean that the world will destroy itself over time as workers get stuck and buildable squares are lost.  My last village starved to death while having 4 farmers stuck hoeing the ground forever.


-10 Food sells for 30 Gold, not the 25 Gold listed in market.

-Despite having the 200 Wood, 200 Iron, 100 Food, and 500 Gold listed in the menu, I cannot build the Tower.  Am I missing a requirement?

Thanks for the in-depth feedback. I was aware of some of those bugs but didn't have time to fix them. I think I'll make a 'final' version of the game with all those issues ironed out. The last bug has been reported by someone else too but I was sure I fixed it, I need to look into it again.

As for the second oversight, I guess the description wasn't very clear but you need to have a certain amount of villagers AND to have a certain amount of in-game days spent managing the town. I'll fix the text to make it more easy to understand.

Thanks again for playing and for the feedback.