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Okay so the game is crashing because it can't get a list of resolutions from your graphics card. That may be tough to fix quickly so I'm glad you have a workaround.

As a side note, are you playing the game at 1366x768? If so I don't think you'll be able to see the whole station menu: the buttons to repair your ship and sell your cargo will be cut off. If your computer doesn't support a higher resolution I'll have to figure out how to make the station menu smaller so you can see all of the options. This may take me a day or two.

Thank you for your patience and for buying the game!

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It seems the game require a single ratio so what you can do is letterbox the game to force this ratio (say, 16/9). I've found no good resolution trying many, it's always cropped strangely.


I'm not sure I understood the question. I don't letterbox Masteroid, it runs at whatever resolution you specify. However, the menu doesn't scale below 1050 well. I will try to either letterbox lower than 1050 resolution or rework the menu. I was actually working on new features for v0.10 right now but I'm switching gears to fix this!