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First try: 16 Years - $120 - P-3

When you begin Year 16 you lose 95 political power.

Nice! Yeah, it's still just a prototype so not particularly well balanced as things go on. 95 political power is probably a bit steep ;)


Also you should add more cards because after a while it gets kind of boring and after while you also have so much money and political power that you can just swipe left the whole time but the feature that you lose so much political power after a certain year balances that factor out. It's really fun and challenging. 

(I don't have any ideas for more cards so i can't suggest any.)


I'm not quite sure what the missing "sauce" for this idea is. I have a feeling it needs a bit more design of the underlying system to make it fun. More cards would add variety, but I think it would need a better longer-term goal and a more logical reason for why the annual political power cost keeps increasing. Reigns did this quite well (and was a big influence for this game) but that doesn't directly carry across for Tiny Politics (I also don't want to re-make Reigns). I'll likely have to rethink it a lot and combine it with another mechanic or system or something.