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... not playable through, error says "no executable found".

Which one of the data is the executable?? subnet_linux.swf does not do anything but loading the app giving me the error mentioned above.

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By amazing coincidence of timing, I am having this issue also. Installed the deb on my Debian 9 desktop, I can download the game, but it won't run. Are there troubleshooting resources for

Edited to add: I did a bit of searching on the error message "reconfiguring because of problem with cave: game.install.no_executables_found". There are a few hits, but so far I haven't found anyone with a solution.

Is the problem that there's no good general SWF player for Linux? That's the problem I came to to solve, so that would be a substantial disappointment.

download without app, unpack and open swf in your browser.

Works in Firefox but not Chrome, weirdly, but yes, that's apparently the answer.

Wonderful content, glad to finally be back in it...

Yeah, I can't wait to port all that to something else that flash...

That'll be the day...