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I love Wizz since the moment he appeared in the game and I immensely enjoyed his route. I already completed his path and his romance, but I can't get two events: Tabletop(Romace) and Spying(Friendship). I'm pretty sure I did everything what was required for both of them, but still can't get them.
I wonder if someone else has the same problem? Is it a bug or am I just doing something wrong?

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The Tabletop (Romance) scene is just the Tabletop scene but you are dating. Either don't hang out with him after "Frenemy" or keep his love points under 75% to see it after you start dating.

You are right about the friendship ending! For some reason it required Wizz to be dating Rose, but I disagree with that, so I've changed it to only require seeing "Rabbit Season" and going to band meeting (scene will happen immediately w/romance, happen after love points > 80% for friendship). This will be in the next patch so if you want to see the scene now, the current requirements are Rose dating Wizz and relationship points > 80%. Sorry!

I don't know why I assumed that Tabletop(Romance) is Robin's second time playing the game. It explains why I couldn't get it.

Thank you for replying (and for making such an amazing game) :))