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WOOOOO This is actually super fun. I made a pretty unoriginal neat Stand I guess. lol

「STAND」The Owner

「STAND MASTER」Kuzuki Yukimura

Stats: 「Power: A」「Speed: C」「Range: A」「Durability: A」「Precision: B」「Developmental Potential: B」

A humanoid Stand closely resembling Kuzuki, in which, similar to Killer Queen, turns anything it touches into a bomb. UNLIKE Killer Queen, The Owner only has the 1st type of bomb, yet has a much wider range, and can set up to 3 bombs at once.

Also gonna add in some Requiem stats in here cuzynot.

「STAND」The Owner Requiem

「STAND MASTER」Kuzuki Yukimura

Stats: 「Power: ∞」「Speed: A」「Range: ∞」「Durability: ∞」「Precision: E」「Developmental Potential: NONE」

The legendary Requiem form of The Owner. As Requiem Stands fit what their owners need the most at the time they were pierced by the Arrow, The Owner Requiem can now completely control any living object in existence, given its infinite power and range. As the developmental potential has dropped to nothing, Kuzuki now knows everything about his Stand and surroundings. If any Stand were to oppose this, the enemy Stand would be completely demolished. Put simply, The Owner Requiem is unstoppable.

Anyways, these are SUPER fun to make ;3; So glad I found this! Also might need to think of designs for The Owner, I'm thinking very Crazy Diamond-esque. I'm just gonna keep repeating myself now cuz I've run out of stuff to say. this is cool this is cool this is cool this is cool lmao This is actually super awesome. Glad I can finally show off my S T A N D O.

Awesome! Glad to see someone having such a great time with my game!